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It was exciting to be part of something big last night on multiple fronts. First and foremost the Monarchs Concert in Norton Commons. I'll admit I'm a huge fan and I'm proud to say that I've been a lifelong fan.

But in addition there was something very big technologically going on behind the scenes. It involved 12.5 cameras and an unique way of recording the sound.

I won't bore you with the technology except to say that Clay Barclay and his group Barclay HD Video Productions had eleven 4k HD cameras and one 3D camera plus the .5 being me and my quadcopter capturing the video, On top of that Clay was utilizing his advanced recording system capturing the sound in a way that gives it a quality and presence like no other.

Why all this technology? Stay tuned for much more in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy a few minutes of my video BEST VIEWED IN HD from last nights concert

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The Monarchs at the Norton Commons Amphitheater

1Setup Areal




5Setup5 Soundcheck



8Concert3 Dance

9Concert4 Sing and Dance

10Concert5 Drummer and Dance

11Concert6 Dance High

12Concert7 Sing Dance lo

13Concert8 Sing Crowd low

14Concert9 Sing

15Concert10 Grandson

16Concert11 Crowd Storm





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