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On behalf of Bluegrass Harmony, thank you for your lovely pictures! We enjoyed the evening and you captured it for us!

Valinda and the girls
Jerry A. Zegart Photography
Paul I would love to come see you and hope that anytime you are close by you'll stop by. You've actually been the point of conversation recently. I was discussing our college day exploratory missions into photographs seeking out subliminal images. Seems like it was mostly in whiskey bottles and models. Those were the days. By the way in Louisville I get to mingle and you shoot the photos! Great hearing from you...
Paul J. Hughes Photography - Nashville(non-registered)
Jerry....WAY TO GO! Great photos. Come on down to Nashville and help with my next assignment. You could take all the pictures...and I could mingle. LOL! You do great work. Hope to see you soon. -Paul
Debbie from State Dock(non-registered)
Hi Jerry,

Great pictures! I haven't looked at all of them but tried to get an overview of the 2010 Poker Run ones. Very nice!
Jerry A. Zegart Photography
I appreciate everyones comments.

I certainly don't claim to be a pro by any stretch of the imagination. More of a pupil like everyone else below, but that doesn't mean we couldn't learn together. Anytime anyone wants to go out and shoot just give me a couple days notice and I am "ALL IN."

This weekend the BIG event is the Lake Cumberland Poker Run. I have been looking forward to it since last years. This year promises to be even more exciting since we will undeniably have the fastest boats there, which may even have AFTERBURNERS! It should be a photo extravaganza. I hope that any of you that are there will look me up and let's shoot some photos together. I'd love it!

My cell number is: (502) 228-8867 and my email is Call me anytime...
Jim Bennett(non-registered)
Good looking collection of boat parade photos Jerry. Will try to get to the others later. Although I lived next door to you fifty years ago, I wasn't aware of your photo hobby (or have I just forgotten?). I've gotten into the habit of taking a lot of photos since getting my first digital camera, but it's just a pocket Canon and they don't look as good as yours. Looking to upgrade soon.
Kathy Callahan(non-registered)
Love the photos, Jerry. I understand your passion. When I was a reporter for a small town daily newspaper, I discovered that I preferred to "shoot" a story rather than write about it. I began to do photo essays and hired myself out as a freelance photographer. I now wish I had pursued it further and I lust after every digital SLR I see. Life as a lawyer just doesn't compare to the thrill of the perfect shot. Thanks for sharing your work. I look forward to seeing more in the days ahead.
Stacy Bellis(non-registered)
If you are willing to take on another "student", I would love to learn. I too have that passion but am drowning in other responsibilities now. My escape is photography! Beautiful pictures you have!
We are all living vicariously through your travels and pictures, such a treat to go to the ocean without getting sand in your hair and sunburn. Think I have put on a little weight from looking at the food. it must be the pictures lol. We have something in common, when I look at pictures from my cruises, they were mostly of the buffets. Thanks for sharing!!
Kerri Kerr(non-registered)
All I can say is WOW ! What a wonderful gift you have. Your children are very lucky to have such a great dad! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your inspiring story!
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